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Be proud of who you are, wherever you are. I'm sure other dimensions and worlds exist. Trying to be photogenic is gross. Weak stomachs are weird. I talk about my hypothetical Chow Chow, Fa Mulan, regularly. Handan, China is like West Virginia with more Chinese people. Pittsburgh is alright. I'm there now.

Getting My Eat On

More things to know! 8. Restaurant etiquette. You know the Western idea of a restaurant, yes? You are greeted by someone who says “Hello, how are you all?” or something to that effect. Then sometimes they may even tell you … Continue reading

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The Funny Thing About China Is…

This will probably be one of those on-going posts. From here on I’ll probably just put the number and go right onto what I’m thinking is strange to the lǎowài [foreigner]. First and foremost (thanks Wikipedia): “In recent years the … Continue reading

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Your Words, They Offend Me

Excellent writing advice, I believe from Kristen Iverson, is that “you must write as if your parents are dead.” Not taking that morbid comment literally, she means that when a good or even great writer puts down a thought, there … Continue reading

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你好。我性家一。 我性美国人。我要水! So for those of us new to the class, I’m living and working in Handan, China, the Heibei Province, for a year. Once again, I’m speaking a language like an angry baby “Me llamo es Jonny. Mes gustan … Continue reading

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Roundabout Acting

So I was talking to Katie the other day about acting. I have this weird deep love and raging hate for it myself, but I’m pretty sure I understand people that do it and actively pursue it. It’s fun to … Continue reading

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We Could Talk To Each Other About Each Other

Myself. That’s right, I’m going there again. There’s no other way to talk about this subject besides using circumlocution. Excellent. I’m an independent thinker. And by “independent thinker,” I mean I generally have a controversial outlook on every topic. A … Continue reading

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Appreciate the Sun

Wind torrents within my mind, bouncing like a fast disease running from ear to ear. Go away wind. And you too, sun, go away air, go away oxygen, so I can forget you, too. My soul is screaming to live … Continue reading

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