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Be proud of who you are, wherever you are. I'm sure other dimensions and worlds exist. Trying to be photogenic is gross. Weak stomachs are weird. I talk about my hypothetical Chow Chow, Fa Mulan, regularly. Handan, China is like West Virginia with more Chinese people. Pittsburgh is alright. I'm there now.

Mermaids, puppets, live action video and

Mermaids, puppets, live action video and music. #arts #music #fundraiser #indiegogo Advertisements

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment Mermaids, puppets, live action video and music. Sarah Shotland is amazing. I hope you’ll consider even the smallest donation. #arts #music #fundraiser #indiegogo

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Haven’t written in awhile, this is about the most inspiring thing that’s happened lately. Sorbet and bacon, why? *But I’ll add that I’m really truly happy to be back in the United States. I still have pangs of wanderlust, but … Continue reading

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Stuck in an Airport

Though my first instinct was to say “Fuck you forever, United Airlines. I’ll take my full refund and walk my ass all the way home,” seeing a few people turned down by our faulty “freedom” system of justice, I had … Continue reading

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食品在邯郸 Handan Food

As my friend Vivi puts it: “I like to think of the good times as ‘reality’ and everything else as a long drawn out practical joke gone wrong.” So let’s talk about the good times! Woah, wait, I thought you … Continue reading

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Your Feng Shui Is Showing

Listen up, Geomancers! No, unfortunately I’m not talking about the character classes from Final Fantasy, bless them and their earthbound attacks. Fun fact I just learned- the Japanese title of this job (風水士, Fūsuishi) means “Professional Feng Shui-ist.” In other words, once again, Final … Continue reading

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I Made It

Sometimes I think I’ve died and gone to Simple Bitch Hell, as the ABG show puts it. In reality there are just a couple invalids coating a mediocre place with their rancid personalities. He’s/She’s been speaking AT the kids since 6:30 BC, … Continue reading

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