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食品在邯郸 Handan Food

As my friend Vivi puts it: “I like to think of the good times as ‘reality’ and everything else as a long drawn out practical joke gone wrong.” So let’s talk about the good times! Woah, wait, I thought you … Continue reading

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Your Feng Shui Is Showing

Listen up, Geomancers! No, unfortunately I’m not talking about the character classes from Final Fantasy, bless them and their earthbound attacks. Fun fact I just learned- the Japanese title of this job (風水士, Fūsuishi) means “Professional Feng Shui-ist.” In other words, once again, Final … Continue reading

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I Made It

Sometimes I think I’ve died and gone to Simple Bitch Hell, as the ABG show puts it. In reality there are just a couple invalids coating a mediocre place with their rancid personalities. He’s/She’s been speaking AT the kids since 6:30 BC, … Continue reading

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