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Getting My Eat On

More things to know! 8. Restaurant etiquette. You know the Western idea of a restaurant, yes? You are greeted by someone who says “Hello, how are you all?” or something to that effect. Then sometimes they may even tell you … Continue reading

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The Funny Thing About China Is…

This will probably be one of those on-going posts. From here on I’ll probably just put the number and go right onto what I’m thinking is strange to the lǎowài [foreigner]. First and foremost (thanks Wikipedia): “In recent years the … Continue reading

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Your Words, They Offend Me

Excellent writing advice, I believe from Kristen Iverson, is that “you must write as if your parents are dead.” Not taking that morbid comment literally, she means that when a good or even great writer puts down a thought, there … Continue reading

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你好。我性家一。 我性美国人。我要水! So for those of us new to the class, I’m living and working in Handan, China, the Heibei Province, for a year. Once again, I’m speaking a language like an angry baby “Me llamo es Jonny. Mes gustan … Continue reading

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