Roundabout Acting

So I was talking to Katie the other day about acting. I have this weird deep love and raging hate for it myself, but I’m pretty sure I understand people that do it and actively pursue it. It’s fun to live a different life in one glittering moment.

Anyway, the most important thing about this post is that I really do have a certain tight-knit relationship with actors. I have thing for creating different lives on paper. The only difference with me is I can’t stand being someone else, and I think that’s why I’ve never really enjoyed acting as much as most of my colleagues. I just like being me too much, I guess (not that they don’t!).

That being said, I’d say the problem with certain actors is they don’t have the ability to snap back to reality. Some of them are so busy living other lives that they never really make any time to have their own personality; they’re just a collection of various writer’s/directors thoughts. At the end of the day, who are you. Do you live your life for someone else?

Haha, the director looks more like a pimp with a strong hand… whatever.

Anyway, I know that my actor friends always have been the type of people to stay grounded. They never have turned into someone else and they never really got too involved in one particular role. That is pretty much the essence of good acting. It’s the ability to change what person you are on command, and returning to yourself when the curtain is called.


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Be proud of who you are, wherever you are. I'm sure other dimensions and worlds exist. Trying to be photogenic is gross. Weak stomachs are weird. I talk about my hypothetical Chow Chow, Fa Mulan, regularly. Handan, China is like West Virginia with more Chinese people. Pittsburgh is alright. I'm there now.
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